Author: Karl Blau

Dan Rue Tunes Our Piano

This video shares a window into the amazing skills of the Anacortes piano tuner Dan Rue.  He tuned the AMC piano (donated by Michael Vitale) this past Friday 13th, 2015, before an amazing performance of Mozart, alphorn, love poetry , and ambient guitar. Video features cameo appearance by Ben Starner who will be performing at… Read more »

Interview ~ Karl Blau

Interview ~ Karl Blau, founder of Anacortes Music Channel talks briefly about Anacortes music scene and AMC.

Friday Shows In February Help Announce New Venue/Classroom in Anacortes For More Than Music

Musicians and artists in Anacortes have banded together to host events, classes, workshops and seminars in a beautiful space downtown A-town at 216 Commercial Ave. – formerly Anchor Art Space now known as Anacortes Music Channel.  Classes and drop-in evening sessions begin Monday, March 2nd, sign-up for classes ranging from recording engineering and songwriting to… Read more »

AMC – More Than Music

Karl Blau is a man with a vision – this time his plan is in the form of an art project called Anacortes Music Channel.  The project creates uses for this beautiful, tall-ceiling space combining the surrounding community with music and art happenings.   Get people together of all ages – that’s in bold letters on… Read more »