24/7 Streaming the music of Anacortes artist Geneviève Castrée (b.1981 – d. 2016)

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Listen to our 24/7 stream of Geneviève Castrée through Shipwreck Day

The incredible Anacortes artist Geneviève Castrée: she will be remembered through her powerful music, poetry and drawings. Listening to the streaming Anacortes Music Channel this week you will hear exclusively the music she wrote and performed and was a part of – 24/7 all week and up through Shipwreck Day weekend (traditionally Heck Fest weekend coming up – which she was a driving force behind in the 10 years it was a thing here in town). We will miss her greatly, and it is with heavy hearts that we must give our goodbyes in the wake of her untimely death. Our thoughts are with her husband, Phil and their daughter Agathe and their families. This is going to be a tough time for anyone who knew Geneviève and witnessed the intense and focused energy she was capable of and the limitless creative force she would tap into.

Another thing you may do to help cope with your feelings of anguish and loss of such a young and gifted artist – go to your local record store and book store or find and purchase her recordings and books of drawings online. They are all so very fine. She recorded under the names Woelv and Ô Paon. She illustrated many graphic novels. Check out her wikipedia page for a list.

You may order her book of poems from her pregnancy entitled “Maman Sauvage” written under the name Geneviève Elverum. This book is au Francais but it is very beautiful and easily translated if you don’t read French. It’s the last publication of Castrée. That kind of hard work that it takes to enjoy something, that is very Castrée-esque, she will be smiling on you and it will give you an opportunity to relate with the kind of depth she was getting at.
Order “Maman Sauvage” here.