Tune In Streaming Radio

Anacortes Music Channel is no longer a physical space, but the online streaming radio station of The Anacortes Music Project.

One great pool of Anacortes music just churning away – 24/7! Each sound recording played at Anacortes Music Channel online radio has an Anacortes tie-in, a story that if not rooted in Anacortes is affected by or involves a person from Anacortes.

Please contact us if you have any trouble or questions or if you have Anacortes music to contribute! Thank you for listening and participating!

listen right here:

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CAFE HOURS: will return soon. With our new system is a new way the automation software works, and a bit of a learning curve. So bare with us and we’ll get those 9-5, Monday through Saturday AMC hours back up and working for us.

We are always looking for new ideas for shaping the Anacortes “station.” And if you find you are interested, please get in touch with us about potential volunteer DJ positions. We’re proud to have  Todd Young, interviewing local musicians and playing examples of their work. Several other potential DJs are honing their skills. We’ve got DJ Blausey Wowsey, DJ Phil, KDUG, DJ Jeronimo working on their game to be live in 2016.

Please note we are also on the hunt for anything related to the musical and creative stories of people and this beautiful cluster of islands in West Skagit County where we live/get to share. Feel free to send related music/recordings – in WAV file via drop box or mp3s – through email at our Contact Page